September and October 1999


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Ibiza bound (trucking...), 09/99

Ibiza bound (trucking...)

First day at school, 08/99

First day at school


First lampuka (No more 'grinning with fish' photos thanks - Ed.)

First lampuka (No more 'grinning with fish' photos, thanks - Ed.)



The girls in the Alhambra, 09/99

The girls in the Alhambra

Duttons in Granada, 09/99

Duttons in Granada


Dutton under pressure!, 09/99

Dutton under pressure!

Jon Dutton up the mast, 09/99

Jon Dutton up the mast - note fag to aid concentration

Mark and fish, 09/99


Mark and fish (Thats it. Positively the last fish - Ed)


Tasting Madeira, m'dear, 10/99

Tasting Madeira, m'dear


Cocktails at Reads, overlooking Funchal, 10/99

Cocktails at Reads, overlooking Funchal


Birthday girl - breakfast in bed, 10/99

Birthday girl - breakfast in bed

Sarah cleans the dinghy, 10/99

Sarah cleans the dinghy


Family at the Parador, 10/99

Family at the Parador

Nick and Sarah at the helm, 10/99

Nick and Sarah at the helm

Girls and tall ship, 10/99

Girls and tall ship



Hannah - ready for dolphin tow, 10/99

Hannah ready for dolphin tow

Hannah towed by dolphin, 10/99

Hannah towed by dolphin

Trip in the yellow submarine, 10/99

Trip in the yellow submarine


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