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Scorpion fish, 01/00

Scorpion fish

Braids and black eye, 01/00

Braids and black eye

Palm Beach - Xmas, 01/00

Palm Beach - Xmas


Playing pool, 02/00

Playing pool


Lobster pot, 02/00

Lobster pot


Tortoise, 03/00



The pelican poem, 03/00

The pelican poem


King Neptune, 03/00

King Neptune

Galapagos animals, 03/00

Galapagos animals


Lazy Duck seascape


Skipjack tuna

Pink fish

Walking the dog


Moorea coral fish 1, 05/00

Moorea coral fish 1

Moorea coral fish 2, 05/00

Moorea coral fish 2


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